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Semi-dry hyperpress technology based on the "cold welding" process, occurring when pressing material under high pressure.

Bricks and tiles made by this method are distinguished by their special strength, high frost resistance and low thermal conductivity.
In addition, such bricks and tiles have low water absorption rates, which makes it possible to work with them all 
year (as opposed to, say, ceramic bricks, during the laying of which salt deposits inevitably appear in winter).

The widest range of colors and technology of mechanical chipping (decoration under "wild stone") is a real find for any designer and architect.


Our equipment produces solid bricks (facing, decorative, wall), "LEGO" bricks, hollow bricks, decorative tiles in a wide variety of colors (from light to darker), shapes, textures and sizes. Facing brick has even edges and surface.

The special technology of mechanical chipping of the surface achieves the effect of "wild stone",

polished brick, aged brick, etc.

Such processing allows avoiding the same stamps of products, in contrast to those obtained by casting or vibro-compression.


The brick obtained by this method has an ideal shape. Thanks to the unique hyper-pressing system, our products are distinguished by the constancy of quality and stability of characteristics, such as strength (M-250-300), water absorption (no more than 6.3%). High frost resistance (100-150 cycles - (F 100-150)) - is achieved due to the particularly dense structure of the material. These indicators are regularly confirmed by testing and product certification.


Hyper-pressed traditional bricks have:

  • high mechanical strength (250 kg/cm2),

  • excellent erosion resistance (150 MPZ),

  • excellent adhesion to mortar (70% higher than ceramic).

The main advantages of our technology:

* quality brick,
Our technology makes it possible to obtain high-quality facing bricks, which in all main characteristics are far superior to traditional ceramic or silicate bricks,

* ideal geometric dimensions,
The unique modern technology and equipment of domestic production makes it possible to obtain products with ideal shapes at the output,

* high strength,
* ensures the strength of products within the M250 - M380. Durability and quality are laboratory confirmed,

* color fastness,
Taking into account the fact, that saturated color limestone and modern resistant additives are used as raw materials, the products retain their primary color and uniformity.

* eco-friendliness.

In the technological process of production, we use natural stone from a quarry, which guarantees the environmental friendliness of the finished product.


A task for our equipment- to produce materials that meet the requirements of advanced standards,

and at the same time superior to similar products in terms of "quality-cost".

Brick can be used without restrictions on radiation and sanitary standards.

Due to the low water absorption rates, it is possible to lay in the winter without the appearance of salt deposits (efflorescence), which appear when laying ceramic bricks.

Buildings lined with hyper-pressed bricks are distinguished by their beautiful appearance and infinity of architectural and aesthetic solutions.
Yellow, red, brown smooth bricks in combination with "wild stone" (chipped bricks) give uniqueness to each building.

Complexly embossed surfaces can be laid out from hyper-pressed bricks, since it can be machined right on the construction site.


From an architectural point of view, the stone gives the house a noble look.
In terms of quality, stone, as a building material, has no equal: it is not afraid of the sun, rain and frost, it lasts for years, decades and even centuries; virtually maintenance free!


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