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Line with capacity up to 7 million bricks per year 

The lines are designed to produce facingsolid bricks, ordinary bricks, blocks,

paving slabs, based on cement binder with various aggregates based on Hyperpress PAK-600

The equipment that is part of the lines is capable of ensuring the production of at least:

 7,000,000 pieces (250,000m2) paving stones, 1,800,000 pieces blocks, i7,000,000 pieces brick in thd

when working in two shifts for 300 days a year;

Hyper pressed brick production process diagram: 

Hopper-feeder PBI-10
Crusher DM-15
Roar GV-15
Cement silo TsS-50
Automatic mortar mixing unit RSK-800
Автоматический дозатор бункерный АДМ-250
Bunker batcher of inert material ADM-1500
Hyperpresses PAK-600
Automatic brick laying manipulator UMK-100
Steam chamber
Machine tools for torn texture
pallet wrapper

Technological description of the line:


Crushed stone of a large fraction is loaded with a front loader  inBaccumulative hopper with built-in belt conveyor PBI-10, then the crushed stone entersHammer crusher DMB-15.

After the crusher, the material of a given fraction enters theRoar GV-15  for sieving and separating it to the required fraction.

After screening, the materialconveyor 500*12000gets intoAutomatic dosing unit ADM-1500(bunker No. 1,2).

Also into the dosing unit usingauger 170x6000cement is poured (bunker No. 3) withsilo STs-50.


In automaticdosing unit ADM-1000three bunkers have been installed, which allow automatic dosing of the necessary recipes for production. The dosage of the material can be either two materials or three, separately by each bin independently


- After the dosing complex, a weighed portion of limestone and cementconveyor 500*6000served

inMortar mixing complex PSK-800. 

Also, water is dispensed automatically after determining the humidity by a moisture meter system with a microwave sensor.

with ceramic coating.

The mortar mixing complex is equipped with automaticpigment dispensers (2 pcs.), which have storage bins withpigment supply screws in 120x 3000.


Mortar-mixing complex based on high-speed mixer PSK-800

developed by our company in 2018 and has no analogues in terms of its cost and capabilities!

RSK-800 consists of:

- Mortar mixer with double high-speed mixing of our design;

- Built-in activator of our development (allows to reduce cement consumption and dramatically increase profitability);

- automatic water dispenser with determination of the required moisture content of the material using a microwave sensor with ceramic   coating and control systems;

- soft start system of the main gearbox for long-term operation and minimal wear of the gearbox;

- Armor made of wear-resistant steel is installed on the walls, bottom, and blades of the mortar mixer.

- Pneumatic gate for unloading of material;


- The finished mixture from the mortar mixing complex enters theconveyor 500x10000to the bunkerHyperpress PAK-600.


Giperpress PAK-600

- pressing force up to 650t.


 - 1500 pcs/h BRICK (depending on the type of manufactured product);
- 500 pcs/h - BLOCK (400X200);
- 1500 pcs/h

- produces bricks in automatic mode using double counter pressing technology.

- Dosage of the material in the Hyperpress occurs automatically in a constant mode, monitoring the quality of the finished product

(accurate size and maximum density).

- The new system of replacement of inserts allows less than for 30 min. change inserts or matrix without much effort!

- Hydraulic cylinders are made completely from German components, which allows them to be used for many years without

  the need for restoration.

- Possibility of making bricks (flat / rib), blocks (400x200), paving slabs;

- Air blowing of the finished product and the working area of the matrix;

- Laser Protection of the working area of the press;

- System of marble coloring of a product;


-Afterhyperpress PAK-600finished products are stacked

Manipulator stacker UMK-100on technological pallets.


- Pallets with products are sent to an automatedsteam chamberto achieve the required grade.

After the steaming chamber, the finished products are stored on pallets and, if necessary, part of the products is sent to the rustication shop to give the brick a “torn texture” onmachines "Woodpecker" and "Guillotine".

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