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Our company LLC "Hyperpress Technologies" manufactures equipment using hyperpressing technology for the construction industry, agriculture, woodworking, metallurgy, waste processing, and other industries...


We started our activity in 2006.

During this time we have installed a large number of lines around the world.

Most of our lines are installed in Ukraine, Russia, Kazakhstan, Belarus and Uzbekistan,
and also deliveries were made to such countries as Hungary, Lithuania, Latvia, Romania, Nigeria, Tajikistan, Norway, etc.
We started our activity with our own development and manufacture of the first presses for the production of building materials with manual control of the SPPK-50 series.

Since 2007, we have put into production more advanced semi-automatic presses SPPK-70.

In 2008, we improved the SPKK-70 press, which made it possible to increase productivity,
and also this year we launched the production of the press SPKK-100 with a pressing force of 100 tons.

In 2010, we started making our presses more automatic, and in 2011 we installed the first automatic lines based on the SAPK-100 press, with a capacity of 300 pcs. bricks per hour.
In the same year, we developed and launched a new series of presses PAK-150 with a matrix for two bricks, and a pressing force of 150 tons, a productivity of 500 pieces / h. which allowed us to reach the level of industrial production of ordinary and facing bricks. Also, the press began to be equipped with matrices for figures, hollow bricks and paving slabs.

In 2012, we improved the SAPK-100 press, which increased productivity to 350pcs/h, with the same energy consumption and cost.
Also this year we improved the press PAK-150.2, increasing productivity up to 600 pcs/h. and pressing force up to 200 tons. The name of the press has changed to PAK-170.2.

In 2013, a new unique high-capacity press PAK-170.4 was also put into production with a capacity of up to 1100pcs/h of facing bricks!!!
This is a unique press with a four-seat matrix, which, at its low cost, allows the production of a large volume of facing bricks.

In 2013, we also manufactured lines for the production of briquettes from wood waste and equipment for the line for briquetting aluminum chips.

In 2014, we improved the press PAK-170.2 and PAK-170.4 which further improved its performance.

2015-2016 was revolutionary for our company!!!
We set the bar very high for ourselves in expanding our business.
Our company has started the construction of two additional workshops (1000m2) for equipment assembly and a second tool shop (600m2).
After the construction was completed, our company increased the production area, which made it possible to create new assembly shops and an additional tool shop with a high-precision machine park of more than 20 units.
In 2015, our company developed radically new presses for the production of bricks.
The press model was launched first PAK-100, which we calculated mainly for the production of "LEGO" bricks, which became very popular in the market of the CIS countries.
The PAK-100 press was developed by us as a separate line of presses with a minimum cost.
Despite the minimum cost, these presses were equipped with high-quality and reliable hydraulics,
and the production of components remained at the same high level as on all other models of our presses.
The most long-awaited novelty of 2016 was the new heavy-duty press series PAK-300, in which we have increased the maximum pressing force to 350 tons!!!
Also in this line, for the first time, we launched the technology of double pressing (300t. + 100t.),
and an automatic material dosing system for maximum density and geometry of the finished product, which made it possible to achieve the maximum quality of the product even on hard rocks of the main aggregate.

In 2017, we launched a new press model PAK-100 with a double pressing and automatic material dosing system, which greatly increased the quality of the product.
Also, this year in the press PAK-300 new hydraulics were installed, which allows you to press the product up to 400 tons and increase productivity!!!
In the same year, our company put into operation automated manipulators for storing products on pallets, which completely changed the production process.

In 2018-2019, our company began to implement its most ambitious plans, namely the introduction of a new line of modern presses PAK-400 and PAK-600, which combined the best and proven achievements of previous models, and an improved unique monoblock hydraulic system was installed, which made it possible to achieve a reduction in energy consumption, and install on
hydroelectric power station with one engine instead of two, as it was before.

Also this year there was a big event for us, namely, our company took part in the state tender for the purchase of an enterprise with premises, and became the winner of this tender and the owner of an enterprise with premises of more than 4000m2!!!
This allowed us to expand our production and launch a second large tool shop, purchase a large range of machine tools and set up large assembly shops for our new range of products.

In 2020-2021, we implemented and delivered a fully automated line based on 4 PAK-400 presses with line control from one remote control.

Our enterprise in addition to hyperpresses, a large assortment of additional equipment was also developed and put into production, such as mortar mixing units from 500-2000 liters,
belt trough conveyors, screens, crushing equipment, material dispensers,
machines for processing bricks for torn texture, RBU, material dispensers, and much more.


Every year we develop and develop more and more advanced equipment. We give the opportunity to

our customers to install high-quality European equipment at an order of magnitude lower cost.

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